Deciphering de Bruyne

One of the modern-day greats who has made an unparalleled mark on the footballing community courtesy of his vision and seemingly easy football is the Belgian maestro: Kevin De Bruyne. He has been a mainstay in one of the best clubs, producing the goods repeatedly. He has had to work hard and prove himself again and again before he moved to Manchester City, but he is the first to admit that he wouldn’t have it otherwise – De Bruyne is who he is today because of everything that happened.

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Kevin De Bruyne had an indifferent start to his career at the highest level. In late January 2012, he left KRC Genk (Belgian Club) and moved to Chelsea. His first taste of the Premier League was not appetizing, to say the least, because he had four spells in the year 2012 – Genk to Chelsea (transfer) followed by Chelsea to Genk (loan) followed by Genk to Chelsea (end of loan spell) followed by Chelsea to Werder Bremen (German Club). So, it was chaotic. Next year in June 2013, he moved from the German club back to Chelsea. Finally, in 2014, he ended ties with Chelsea as their player moving to Wolfsburg.

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De Bruyne Unlocked

He started showing his potential at Werder Bremen but came to his own in Wolfsburg. It saw him win German Male Footballer of the Year 2015. He scored 10 goals and assisted 22 times to help them finish 2nd behind Bayern Munich. And in August 2015, he was bagged by Manchester City for a fee of €76m – a price fairly higher than his market value – which he has now proved to be a bargain. And with Manchester City, he has made amends with whatever bitter memories he had had during his last spell in the Premier League.

De Bryune is only the third player to win consecutive PFA Player of the Year awards Image: Michael Regan/Getty Images

De Bruyne Unleashed

KDB had an average start for the Cityzens in the 15/16 season with 7 goals and 9 assists. However, since then he has bossed the midfield for Manchester City. The Belgian creates chances out of nowhere and the funny thing is he has made a habit of it. He sees spaces and pockets that seem ridiculous at times, and yet he manages to make those decisive passes very often. He is very strong at long passes, free-kicks, and other set pieces. Apart from that, he is pretty good with through balls and dribbles. He has scored 48 times and assisted 79 times in 196 appearances with Manchester City.

Since his move to Manchester City, he has won 3 Premier leagues, 5 English League Cups, 2 English Super Cups, and a FA Cup. Moreover, he won Premier League Player of the season (19/20) and playmaker of the year two times (17/18 and 19/20). Before his move to City, he helped Wolfsburg to 1 German Cup and 1 German Super Cup. Although he is yet to win a Champions League, it only seems a matter of when and not if Manchester City will go all the way. And when it comes to the nationals, he belongs to what is known as the Golden Era in Belgian Football. Belgium is yet to win silverware, but everyone can see that they have the potential to do that, it is only about them living up to the potential.

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Believe De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne in the peak of his powers and is an absolute box-office for the football fanatics. And currently, he is in that very zone. Whether you are his fan or not, you can’t help but commend the wizardry he does on the football pitch. No one can say how long his peak will last, but the bests of them find a way to maintain the bar they set for themselves, and KDB is undoubtedly one of them, and you can believe that!