Dortmund replaced Haaland in an hour?

Borussia Dortmund is one of the top European clubs, playing in the Bundesliga (German top tier League). Recently, Erling Haaland left them to join Man City for £51 million. Many regard Dortmund as one of the best football clubs in scouting and youngster recruitment. Their front office is revered for talent scouting. For instance, the likes of Gotze, Lewandowski, Dembele, Sancho, Pulisic, Bellingham–to name just a few, along with Haaland. In this case, the relevance of the statement is that within 62 minutes of the announcement of the move of the Norwegian to Manchester City, Dortmund announced his replacement.

The Replacement

Dortmund has signed 20-year-old Karim Adeyemi from Salzburg for a reported fee of £33m. They have an outstanding track record of producing some world-class strikers, and Adeyemi could potentially be one of them. Karim is a German national who plays predominantly as a center-forward. Salzburg roped him in July 2018 but immediately loaned him to FC Liefering. Eventually, he came back to Salzburg in December 2019. In his second full season with the club (21/22), he has scored 24 goals and assisted 6 times in 40 matches across competitions. Therefore, it’s not difficult to understand why Dortmund placed faith in him.

Image source: Tom Weller/dpa/picture-alliance

Recruitment policy

Dortmund’s recruitment policy comes under scrutiny. As they tend to sell their players just when they start to show the makings of a dominant player, it befuddles many. In most cases, the buyers are their immediate rivals in Bayern Munich. And, it is one of the displeasing things about the Bundesliga. Although this brings lots of revenue to the club, it also hampers the possibility of winning trophies.

Also, some even say that their tactic to sell players for big money to big clubs is not in fans’ best interest. Fans want victories, titles, and success and it keeps their hopes of some title at bay. Dortmund has usually banked their success on youngsters, rookies, and players who go under the radar. Many players have flourished and made name for themselves or taken their game to the next level once they get used to Dortmund and their management. So, this annoys fans as they want to see their team bear the fruit for the seeds they sow.

No matter how you look, Dortmund’s recruitment design is one of the finest. And the football world is benefiting from the same. If Dortmund wins the title(s) with the same tactics, no one will complain. And Dortmund doing well is always good for football.