Footballers who are top Entrepreneurs

Football is a lucrative event. The environment of football is such that once you make it to the top money starts to flow easily. Also, since footballers’ careers last only up to a certain age, players try to earn as much as possible while they are active. Having said that a few footballers use the hard-earned money to secure their future. Some players buy big houses and live a lavish life with the money.

Meanwhile, some use their money to secure financial stability after retirement. In this article, we will present you with the list of footballers who started their ventures to become successful entrepreneurs. Let’s get into it.

Sergio Aguero

Aguero retired from football recently due to his heart condition. The Manchester City legend was a top-notch player while he was active. Although he had to retire before his time the Argentinian will be busy with his entrepreneurship. Aguero owns KRU Esports which is an esports organization. It has sponsors like AMD, Twitch, and Aorus.

Aguero posing for his brand KRU. Source: AFK gaming

Interestingly, he got into this business during the pandemic while streaming online. He sold the idea of his business to sponsors who got impressed and decided to invest. Currently, he works as the CEO of KRUE sports. Moreover, upon his retirement, Aguero will have more time to focus on his entrepreneurship.

Raheem Sterling 

Raheem Sterling is another city legend who owns a business. The City winger launched clothing line 1692 in September 2021. He named the brand after the founding date of his hometown Kingston in Jamaica. Sterling is the designer and co-founder of the company which launched last year.

Harry Kane

Harry Kane is another star who owns a business. The Spurs striker owns a property company named Edward James Investment. He also owns HK28 Limited which refers to Harry Kane and his birth date i.e. the 28th of July. HK28 engages in trademarking random items such as nail polish, toothpaste, and toiletries. The Englishman is looking to cash in on his fame.

Willian and David Luiz
Willian and David Luiz posing in front of their restaurant brand. Source: Soccer Laduma

Willian and David Luiz jointly invested in London. The ex-Chelsea mates opened a restaurant in Mayfair, London. The restaurant is frequently dined by footballers such as Ronaldo, Neymar, Gabriel Jesus, Kante, and his teammates from Brazil. The name of the restaurant is Baboo which serves mostly Italian cuisines.

Jesse Lingard

Jesse Lingard started the business which suits his personality. Any guesses? He owns a fashion brand named JLingz which specializes in clothing. The brand offers streetwear needs for both men and women. He also designs phone cases and owns a perfume line.

Jesse Lingard posing in front of his brand logo. Source: The Sun

Furthermore, Jesse used his celebration sign as the brand logo. Also, he aims to take his brands to the next height which can compete with the brands of his teammates like Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the biggest sports stars in the industry. Similarly, he owns one of the biggest fashion brands by a sportsperson. Cr7 designs every fashion item for men from shirts to perfume and cologne.

Cristiano during the launch of one of his hotels. Source: 90 min

Apart from fashion, he owns hotels named Pestana Cr7 located in the cities of Portugal. In addition, whoever stays at his hotel can access the Cr7 museum for free. Also, the Portuguese legend is thinking to extend the chain of hotels in France and the U.K.!

Mohammad Salah

Mohammad Salah is arguably the best player in the world at present. He earns millions of dollars per year from fees and sponsors. However, that did not stop Mo from investing money in business. The Egyptian invested in a real estate business in 2021 named MOS real estate.

Salah during a Premier League game. Source: 90 min

Furthermore, he owns another company named Salah UK commercial limited. The Egyptian doesn’t just score goals but he can also make good money through business.

Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski is another top player who has an eye for goal and a head for business. The man who plays like joystick decided to invest in video games. The video game football coach: the game is expected to launch this year in 2022. The video game is a mashup of Fifa, football managers, and regular football mobile games. The game holds the feature to go from manager mode to striker mode in a match.

Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil is another footballer who has invested in Virtual football. The World cup winning midfielder teamed up with eSports Reputation to create Team Ozil.

The company takes part in national and international esports competition which was founded in 2018. Also as per reports, Ozil wants to buy Turkish third division club Corum FK.

Neymar Jr

Neymar may seem like a carefree footballer who loves to juggle defenders. However, when it comes to business he has the bull’s eye. The Brazillian own a clothing line, 5 a side competition, and a mobile game. The former Barcelona star is looking forward to building an empire by investing in different sectors.

Lionel Messi

Apart from owning players Lionel Messi also owns various businesses. The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner owns a lifestyle brand named The Messi store. In addition, he owns a restaurant in Barcelona in the city where he lived all his life.

Logo of Messi Brand. Source: Pinterest

The resturant named El Bellavista del Jardin Norte in the Catalan capital is not so expensive. He decided to open it as a homage to his fans and a tribute to his hometown in Argentina. In addition, he recently launched a collection of NFT’s named Messiverse. Also just like Cristiano, he owns the hotel chain named MiM since 2017.