Haaland – Man City — Match Made in heaven

Manchester City has signed Erling Haaland by paying the release clause worth £63 million. Haaland will be earning around £375k a week. The City management will soon make the announcement once the release clause is activated and all the paper works and medical tests are done. This is a massive boost for both Man City and Haaland in their pursuit of greatness and success.

Disheartened Man City players after Real Madrid defeat (Image source: Alex Livesey/Danehouse/Getty Images)

Champions League has been Manchester City’s Achilles heel. This year’s semi-final against Real Madrid was another confirmation of that. Man City has been the best team in the Premier League and one of the best teams in Europe for a decade or so. But their record in the Champions League has left a lot to be desired. They played their first-ever final in Europe last year and were second best. This year, they lost to Real Madrid despite being on the front foot for over 180 minutes of two legs. They were favorites to win both times and came short on both occasions. The crushing defeat in the semifinals was a wake-up call, and ringing Haaland’s agent was reasonable.

Haaland after the defeat against Man City in Champions League last season ( Image source: AFP via Getty Images)

The story of Haaland is also pretty similar. With all the talents, skills, and physical gifts at his disposal, it was almost inevitable that he will come second best in Bundesliga as long as he maintained his ties with Dortmund. As harsh as it may sound, it is the brutal reality. As more superior teams come into play in Europe, the success there always felt distant. He would still rack up goals (and assists) for fun, but he won’t have that much silverware to show in black and yellow. That isn’t an ideal scenario for world-class talent like Haaland. Individual recognition and accolades are great, but since football is ultimately a team sport, both fun and greatness come with the team’s success. That is why the move to Man City makes perfect sense for him.

Man City are already a formidable side, but they lacked that presence on the front line the last couple of seasons. It was even more evident against Real Madrid. Haaland will give them that and more. Had they had Haaland against Real Madrid, the game might have been done with, in the first leg itself. The chances they squandered came back to haunt them. You can’t let that happen against outstanding sides. Liverpool is breathing down their neck and giving them a run for their money in the Premier League. The Reds can still add another European Cup to their cabinet. Expect other English sides to raise their game in upcoming seasons. Other European giants aren’t just going to sit back and watch. So, Man City had to make their move to plug that one hole in their side. And signing Haaland isn’t just a move, it’s a massive leap.

Image source: Getty Images

Erling Haaland is right up there with the best in the business at the moment. He doesn’t have the resume of Mbappe, but he certainly has the talent, heart, and grit that one requires to succeed at the top level. Given the dearth of dominant no. 9 and the title aspirations of Haaland, Manchester City seems the perfect fit for the Norwegian striker. Aguero led the front line for the Cityzens for a decade, but since he moved on, Man City haven’t had that traditional striker in their gameplay. The flair, intensity, pace, physicality, and goal-scoring instincts of Haaland will blend perfectly with the creativity and versatility of Man City.

Manchester City has a plethora of playmakers in their lineup who will create plenty of chances for him regularly. So, Haaland will have the opportunity to enhance his numbers and his reputation. And that sounds like a recipe to success and titles for the Cityzens. Having said that, sometimes football isn’t as easy as it seems. It certainly looks like Haaland and Man City are a match made in heaven, but there is always the plausibility of trouble in paradise. Let’s hope that won’t be the case.