Hottest free agent in football in 2022 – Part I

We are at the business end of the 2021/22 football season. There still is plenty on the line for this season, which ultimately will have massive repercussions on the next season. Today we will be discussing some of the players in massive demand, fueled by the fact that their contracts with the current clubs will be up and they will be up for grabs as the free agents. Here we go through the hottest free agent in football in 2022.

Image source: UEFA

Kylian Mbappe

We’re talking about the hottest free agent in the game, then Kylian Mbappe is the name. He is red hot, as hot as one can be as far as someone at the top of his game goes. Mbappe is a generational talent earning multiple accolades in his already illustrious career. World Cup, numerous League titles with PSG, multiple League MVPs, best young player in the World Cup, and several other records to his name. However, with the plethora of talent and abilities at his disposal, he would want to test the waters only very few have. He would aspire to be the man, the face of the franchise, and the undisputed best player on the planet.

If we are to predict his next move, then Real Madrid seems the most obvious destination for the Frenchman. Given his open penchant for Los Blancos growing up and his rapport with Benzema, arguably the hottest free agent is heading to the Spanish capital.

Image source: CFP

Paul Pogba

At 29, he is one of the most decorated players in football. His talent and skill sets as a football player are undeniable. His attitude (on the pitch and often in the dressing room) gets him into trouble and under scrutiny. Many fans and pundits have criticized him (sometimes needlessly) for not showing enough energy, willingness, and passion, especially when his team isn’t doing that well. Whether be it him not tracking back players or his devil-may-care body language, his play and demeanor sometimes frustrate the fans as if he doesn’t care enough.

With his contract ending this season, he is officially a free agent. Reportedly, he has already called quits and left the Man United WhatsApp group. Rumor has it that PSG, Barcelona, and Real Madrid are interested in securing his service. His former club Juventus could also be in the discussion. With all said, the team recruiting him would want the France Pogba to show up who lights up the pitch with his performances, not the Man United Pogba who has a tendency to disappear more than you want him to.

Image source: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Antonio Rudiger

Antonio Rudiger was supposed to be a free agent at the end of the season. Not anymore, as he’s already signed, sealed, and delivered to Real Madrid for four years from next season onwards.

Rudiger is a leader and an immensely talented and gifted defender. He can at times be inconsistent and make unnecessary mistakes. But one thing you can count on him to be consistent is his heart and passion. The German defender wears his heart on his sleeves and gives his all for the team and his teammates. He is very vocal, uplifting, and demanding as a player and a leader. Toni will bring the much-needed fire and presence at the back that Real Madrid has been missing since they part ways with Sergio Ramos. He has got an impressive pace to complement his passing abilities and the aerial threat that Madrid desperately needs at the moment.

Rudiger is a versatile defender, capable of playing as a center-back or the full-back on either flank. Chelsea will dearly miss him as he was a significant member of Tuchel‘s side. He is an incredible addition to the Real Madrid squad. Many expect Mbappe to join Real Madrid next season and David Alaba joined them previously in the free agency. So, Los Blancos are as lucrative a destination as ever with Rudiger also joining them as a free agent.