Jude Bellingham : The Football Prodigy

Football is not as easy as some youngsters today make it look. At the age when most of the youngsters aren’t sure about their lives and career, certain emerging footballers have already started giving headaches to the brightest of minds in the opponent’s camp for all the right reasons. One such talent taking the world by storm – if his progress graph is to be extrapolated, is the English wunderkind in Jude Bellingham.

Bellingham’s Brilliant Beginning

Jude Bellingham, 18, graced the football pitch at the professional level for Birmingham City when he was just 16. He has impressed everyone ever since. Such was his impact at the club that they decided to retire the jersey no. 22, upon his departure from the club at the age of 17. His transfer from Birmingham led him to Borussia Dortmund where he has only strengthened the hype around him as a phenomenon. Many are even arguing that he is currently the best player for Dortmund. BVB boasts Haaland, Reus, Thorgan, and many other seasoned campaigners. So, it is a huge compliment.

Bellingham has been exceptional for Dortmund Image source: Ina Fassbender/Getty images
Blatant Talent

Bellingham may not have outstanding numbers, in terms of goals or assists, but his presence on the pitch is something even the experienced players fail to replicate. The composure and the confidence he oozes are the sights to behold. But what is most impressive about him is that he knows his game and capabilities. The underlying stats that he has as a midfielder are remarkable. He is the most tackled player in Bundesliga this season, epitomizing how good he is with football at his feet. The numbers pertaining to the duels won, tackles won, intensive runs, and sprints are exciting, to say the least. His current market value stands around £80 million which illustrates how good a player he is. The likes of Chelsea and Liverpool seeking to pouch him also attests to his talent.

Bellingham against Bayern Munich Image source: Martin Meissner AP
Bright Future

Jude has already presented himself as someone who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. The same trait landed him in trouble in recent times. However, as long as he is true to himself and his game, it will keep him in good stead. As we all know that talent will only get you to a certain point, it will be interesting to see how hard he works to improve himself. Only perseverance will get him to where he can and help sustain that. From all that we have seen so far, he is a hungry young kid aware of what he needs to do. Hopefully, we will get to see him live up to the expectations many have around him, and if he can do that, we are in for a visual treat – that is a tasty prospect.