Ten Hag as Manchester United Manager?

Several tabloids and sources have already declared that Erik ten Hag as Manchester United manager is a done deal. Regardless, we will recognize it as speculation currently. There are some reports that the United board is still open to alternatives. Having said that, Erik ten Hag and Mauricio Pochettino are the potential two candidates for the job. Between the two, many are considering Ten Hag as the favorite to take over.

Makings of an Elite Manager

Erik ten Hag is aware of the history and gravitas of Manchester United as a club. Unsurprisingly, Ten Hag is mindful of the details of United like the budget and the potential signings they want. He has established himself as one of most elite minds in the game of football today. The current Ajax boss is meticulous about his strategies and philosophy regarding the game. He is a man of culture and values. So, expect him to inculcate strong virtues within the dressing room. The Dutch manager is also renowned for in-game management and his strong persona. If Manchester United is to compete with the best, only talented players on the pitch won’t suffice. They also need a manager to combat the likes of Guardiola, Klopp, and Tuchel both in strategies and character. Ten Hag certainly has those attributes in him to be successful with United.

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Obstacle and Opportunity

Recently, Louis Van Gaal cautioned Ten Hag on the role as a Manchester United manager. He said that United is a commercial club and it could be difficult for him to fit and operate. Ten Hag has devised a strong resume and reputation in Ajax with his gameplay and achievements. However, it will be daunting for him to accomplish more with the Dutch Club. To challenge the best, he has to move on and MUFC could be the potential avenue.

There is no denying that Manchester United no longer is the same unstoppable force they once were on the pitch. Meanwhile, it is also undeniable that they still are one of the biggest clubs in Europe. Manchester United doesn’t have financial issues as such. United have spent more than Manchester City in the last few seasons. They only need proper management and direction. With Ralf Rangnick steadying the ship as a consultant, Ten Hag has a proper fusion of challenge and opportunity at his hands – bringing the glory days back at Old Trafford.

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If and When

Manchester United has a long and arduous two months left in this campaign. They have almost nothing left to play for. Even the hope of securing the top 4 spots in the league is slipping away. The only thing that is keeping fans excited is the potential recruitment of Erik Ten Hag for the next season. However, some United fans are sweating on the fact that they may not recruit any of Ten Hag or Pochettino. If they are two-timing and sending mixed signals to both managers, that could be the case. They were agitated when Manchester United didn’t go for Antonio Conte mid-season. So one can only imagine the rage and resentment if that happens again with ten Hag.

We will know if and when ten Hag will join the ranks of Manchester United. If he does, one more marvelous mind will be in charge in the Premier League. It surely will be a delight for the fans worldwide.