Top Ballon d’Or Contender 2022 Part III

In this article, we will continue the list of contenders for Ballon d’Or 2022. Let’s explore it.

Sadio Mane (Liverpool)

Sadio Mane is one such name who deserves to be on the list of contenders. The Liverpool attacker has been playing the best football for Liverpool for the past few years. His contribution to Liverpool is underrated once you look at the stats. Mane has scored 20 goals and made four assists until now.

Sadio Mane celebrating after scoring a goal. Source: LiverpoolFC

Moreover, one should not forget he captained the Senegal side who won the AFCON recently. Also, Mane contributed majorly to the Liverpool Carabao cup win. As of now, Mane’s side Liverpool are in the race to win three major titles. Therefore, if Mane plays the key role in helping Liverpool win any major title then Mane could end up in the top 5 list of Ballon d’Or contenders.

Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-German)

We all know how good Mbappe is. He is the key player behind the recent success of PSG and France. The young superstar has been exceptional since his arrival at the French club. Also one can get the idea of his stature by looking at the club that wants to sign him. Kylian has a high chance of winning the award looking at the number of goals and assist this season. He has scored 33 goals and made 21 assists until now.

Kylian Mbappe celebrating with his signature pose. Source: Football Espana

Moreover, Mbappe played a major role in France’s recent UEFA National League triumph. Likewise the talented forward did everything he could against Real Madrid in the champions league. Therefore, if Mbappe helps his national side win the World Cup and clinch the French league title he will surely be among the top three contenders in the upcoming Ballon d’Or.

Mohammad Salah (Liverpool)

The list of Ballon d’Or contenders will be incomplete without Mohammad Salah. The Liverpool winger has everything to be on the list of contenders. He has been consistent with his performance for the past few years. Likewise, he has scored 30 goals and made 14 assists already this season. Moreover, Salah helped Liverpool win the Carabao cup recently.

Salah celebrates after the win against Brentford. Source: MARCA

Furthermore, the result of Liverpool in the upcoming three competitions totally depends upon the performance of Salah. Therefore, if Salah helps Liverpool win any major title in the coming days then undoubtedly he will win the Ballon d’Or. Also, Salah’s performance in the AFCON was the major reason behind Egypt’s success where he scored 2 goals and an assist.

Karim Benzema (Real Madrid)

Karim Benzema has been aging like a fine wine. The Frenchmen keep on improving their stats year after year. He is the face of Real Madrid after the exit of Cristiano Ronaldo. Karim had a heavyweight to carry Real Madrid and he did it with perfection from his side. Benzema has scored 35 goals and made 13 assists already this season.

Benzema celebrates after scoring a goal during the UEFA Champions League. Source: UEFA

Likewise, his contention for Ballon d’Or increases since he won the Uefa Nation league with France and Supercopa de Espana with Real Madrid. Likewise, his side Real Madrid is the major contender to win the Laliga and Champions League. Therefore, if he helps his side win any of the titles Ballon d’Or will surely be the reality for the Frenchmen.

Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich)

There was a huge conflict when Ballon d’Or was given to Messi last year. The argument was due to the presence of runner-up Rober Lewandowski. Everyone believed the Bayern Munich striker had every right to win the award in 2021. However, Lewandowski ignored the dispute and decided to come back better in 2022. The Polish striker is on the top of our list as the contender of Ballon d’Or 2022

Lewandowski celebrating in his signature pose. Source: UEFA

Lewandowski has scored 48 goals and made eight assist already this season. He also helped Bayern win their first title DFL-Supercup. Also, Lewandowski side Bayern is in the race in all remaining competition. Therefore, Robert will surely win the Ballon d’Or 2022 if Bayern Munich wins the Champions League and Bundesliga this season.