Underpaid Players in the Premier League

We all know that football is a lucrative venture producing a great deal of profit. We are sure you have got an idea about how much a top-level footballer earns during a season. But well, while there are players who earn insane amounts, there are also those players that earn less despite what they give to the team. This article won’t be about a bunch of teenagers who just got promoted from the academy and barely see game time. On contrary, we will be looking at players who contribute much more to their respective teams and should be earning more but do not. To find out continue reading the article:

Sadio Mane (Liverpool)

Sadio Mane is undoubtedly the most important player for Liverpool alongside Egyptian king Mohammad Salah. The former premier league golden boot winner earns $100,000 a week. The amount looks decent but it’s not once you compare it to some of his teammates. Also, it is an injustice when you look at his contribution to the club with consistent performance over the years. Mane, despite scoring lots of goals, creating chances doesn’t come on the list of top 10 earners in the club.

Liverpool’s Sadio Mane upset after a missed chance. Source: Senegalnews

For instance players like Oxlade Chamberlain, Keita, Milner, and Fabinho earn more than the Senegalese. Meanwhile, Mane’s striking partner Salah earns 200,000 pounds a week and is demanding up to 400,000 pounds to sign a fresh deal with the reds. However, only over a year is left in Mane’s contract and we expect him to renegotiate the salary he deserves.

Wilfred Ndidi (Leicester City)

Few defensive midfielders in the premier league who are as good as Ndidi. The Nigerian was unbeatable in his position which caused Manchester United fans all over the world to demand the board to bring him at Old Trafford to solve their defensive midfield problems. Ndidi is a key part of the Leicester defensive line and hardly misses games when fit.

Ndidi upset after conceding goal against Liverpool. Source: Eveningstandard

But somehow, this level of importance is not reflected in his remuneration since he earns only 75,000 pounds per week. In contrast, Ndombele earns about 200,000 pounds per week at Spurs.

Declan Rice (West Ham)

Rice is arguably Hammers’ outright most important player leading from the front as a captain. Sadly he earns 60,000 pounds per week despite being the captain of London’s prestigious club. Rice, who remains on the target of Chelsea, Manchester United, and other clubs around Europe do not earn more than he contributes.

Rice during a training session. Source: Westham

More to that, he does not even make in the top percentile of earners at West Ham. A player like Andriy Yarmolenko, who barely sees game time earns 115,000 pounds per week which is nearly double what Rice earns. However, the current salary of Rice is agreeable if you compare it to what he earned in early 2020. He was earning just 6,000 pounds per week.

Edouard Mendy ( Chelsea)

Mendy is arguably the top three best goalkeepers in the world currently. Chelsea has been a different team after Mendy’s arrival at the bridge. To be precise, Chelsea could not have won the Champions League and not finished in the top 4 in 2020 without Mendy. But guess how much Ballon d’Or Yashin trophy nominee earns. It’s hard to believe but Mendy earns 58,000 per week at Chelsea which is too low compared to his teammates.

However, one could argue that Chelsea had no idea Mendy was going to be incredible for the team at the time of signing the contract. Saying that the same thing did not matter when Chelsea gave Kepa Arrizabalaga a deal who earns 155,000 per week. Well, there are rumors that Chelsea is making an offer for a new deal that could bump in his wages.

Reece James (Chelsea)

Reece James is another player whose wage Chelsea needs to bump up. James being so young makes in the list of best right back in the world. He can play in any position which makes him a much more important part of Chelsea’s squad. He plays brilliantly in the right-back, wing-back, left back, center-back, and even in midfield. Despite having so much potential he earns only 58,000 per week.

Reece James after scoring against Newcastle. Source: bet65

However, the reason behind such low earning in comparison to others could be his background as an academy player. Since Chelsea pays newly added defended Malang Sarr earns 120,000 per week which is three times what James makes. Saying that Chelsea will surely increase James’ salary in the coming days because of the demand the Englishman holds from the clubs around the world.