What went wrong with Salah, De Bruyne & Lukaku at Chelsea?

If you ask football fans to name the top 10 talented footballers in the world at present , I am sure Salah, Lukaku and De Bruyne will be on their list. Salah has been leading Liverpool to titles, De Bruyne is considered as the engine of Mancity team and Lukaku proved to be the top player at Inter Milan. 

But did you know all of these superstars once played in the same team, Chelsea. I wonder how good Chelsea would have been if they had not let these players go.

So what actually was the reason behind the exit of Lukaku, Salah and DeBruyne from Chelsea? Let’s find out:

Reasons behind their exit 

Salah, De Bruyne and Lukaku played dozens of games during their youth days for Chelsea. However, they didn’t get enough game time despite having greater potential compared to other young players during those days. 

As per various sources the main reason behind the exit of current best players was one man, Jose Mourinho. When Jose returned to Chelsea in the 2013 season DeBruyne and Lukaku were in their youth trying to get into playing eleven. 

Later in 2014, Chelsea’s technical director insisted the management to sign Mohhammad Salah. Moreover, Chelsea fans were excited to see young talents in the same team, but Mourinho didn’t take much interest in Superstars. 

Although, Jose assured De Bruyne to be part of the greater plan at Chelsea, shockingly sold Belgian to Wolfsburg for $18 million. And after 18 months Wolfburg sold De Bruyne to Man City for a treble amount, $55 million. What a mess for Chelsea, indeed!

Likewise, Lukaku who was rated as the top 10 most promising young talents in Europe however he did not make it regularly and was sent on Loan to Everton. This took place right after Mourinho took over Chelsea in the 2014 season. Looking at the potential of Lukaku, Everton signed the permanent deal the following summer for $28 million. 

Again, after three years Everton decided to sell Lukaku to Manchester United for $90 million. Mess repeated for Chelsea. In addition, the same thing repeated in the Mohammad Salah’s case. Mourinho never gave regular games to current Liverpool maestro and sent him on loan to Roma before finalizing the deal for mere $11 million. Again, just like De Bruyne and Lukaku, Roma sold Salah to Liverpool for $46 million. 

As of now apart from Lukaku who has returned to Chelsea as a leading striker, Salah and De Bruyne have been hunting Chelsea with their attacking prowess. De Bruyne and Salah were undoubtedly the major players to help their respective teams win Premier League which Chelsea has been trying to win for the past three years with Lukaku on the team.